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Stone Eagle and Mystic Hearts are happy to announce two new products to our line.

A semi-precious warm stone set of Western Australia Black Jade With only 1 set available of this stunning set don’t let it slip away from you!! We also have 2 beautiful sets of handcrafted Mystic Heart Chakra Sets. These uniquely handcrafted sets are 1 of a kind and won’t last long.

Stone Eagle Massage Stones are the only massage stones hand crafted in Australia using the finest Australian and global granites and marbles. Hand crafted stones are superior to all other massage stones.

Here is why:

  • Stones are shaped and polished for a natural ergonomic fit in the hands.
  • The smooth polish of the stones allows better heat transfer, easily working the muscles with much less effort and massage oil, and a greatly hygiene quotient.
  • Matched pairs of stones and special use stones are easily identified, making for a more relaxed and efficient treatment.
  • These stones are easier to teach with, and easy for the therapist to remember the simple differences in shape and size.
  • Ergonomic fit equals less stress on the hands equals more enthusiastic therapists equals happier clients.
  • Australian Granite is a beautiful and vibrant material, long lasting and less than 10% of the porosity of basalt. Basically, where basalt will soak up oils and other organic materials, granite will stay in pristine condition.
  • These massage stones are made in Australia from Dreamtime and Kakadu Granite and Chillagoe and Pilbara Marble, as well as selected global premium stone materials.
  •  Toe stones for granite sets are from Australia‚Äôs own Mookaite Jasper- a renowned Indigenous healing stone.

Discover why we have the worlds best massage stones and are the informed choice of discerning and passionate therapists, spa owners and educational providers.

These handcrafted massage stones are designed by practitioners to deliver the ultimate hot and cold stone therapy. The natural beauty of the stone is gently coaxed from its primitive form to become a visual and tactile art form. Eleven progressive steps are needed to achieve the sturdy organic shapes and required finish.

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