Beginner Fascia Release Kit

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Introducing Our Beginner Fascia Release Kit: Unleash the Power of Pain-Free Mobility!

Are you ready to transform your approach to body wellness? Discover the magic of our Beginner Fascia Release Kit — a comprehensive set designed to release fascial adhesions, enhance mobility, and alleviate chronic pain. Unleash your body’s potential for movement and relief with this thoughtfully curated kit.

**What’s Inside:**

1. **Oblong Working Stone:** Precision-designed to target specific areas, this stone is your key to unraveling stubborn fascial adhesions. Its ergonomic shape ensures ease of use and optimal effectiveness.

2. **Medium Working Stone:** Versatile and effective, this stone provides a balanced approach to fascia release. Ideal for targeting various muscle groups, it’s an essential tool for any practitioner.

3. **Large Bodhi or Mushroom Stone:** Experience deep release with this larger stone, perfectly contoured for broader areas. Its unique shape mimics the natural curves of the body, making it an excellent choice for comprehensive fascial work.

4. **Small Bodhi or Mushroom Stone:** A versatile companion, this smaller stone is perfect for precision work on intricate areas, ensuring no adhesion goes unnoticed.

5. **Cold Pink Ice Stone:** Experience the therapeutic benefits of cold therapy with our specially crafted pink ice stone. Its cooling properties aid in reducing inflammation, making it an invaluable asset in your fascia release journey.

6. **Small Massage Tool:** This handy tool is designed for specific, targeted work, offering a different approach to fascial release. Its ergonomic design provides comfort for both the therapist and the recipient.


Get ready for a transformative experience! For a limited time, our Beginner Fascia Release Kit is available at an exclusive price of $199, including a complimentary video series. This series, led by Sandra, will guide you through effective techniques to unlock the potential of fascial release in the body.

Prepare to be amazed at the incredible results this technique can deliver. Say goodbye to chronic pain and embrace a new era of mobility and well-being.

**Claim Your Kit Today!**

Experience the future of fascia release — order your Beginner Fascia Release Kit now and embark on a journey to a more flexible, pain-free you. Don’t miss out on this special offer; your body will thank you!




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Beginner Fascia Release Kit
AU$ 400.00
(Approx. US$ 258.70)