Facial and Foot Gua Sha Fusion – Harmony Touch

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Discover the ultimate harmony of relaxation and rejuvenation with our innovative massage tool, HarmonyTouch. This unique fusion of facial and foot gua sha brings the art of ancient healing to your fingertips, allowing you to unlock wellness both on your face and at your feet.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Purpose Elegance: HarmonyTouch is your versatile companion, designed to cater to both your facial and foot wellness needs. With its carefully crafted curves and edges, it effortlessly glides over your skin, promoting relaxation and revitalization.
  2. Facial Rejuvenation: Embrace the soothing touch of HarmonyTouch as it gently massages your facial muscles. Promote blood circulation, reduce tension, and enhance the natural radiance of your skin. A few minutes each day can lead to a harmonious glow that radiates from within.
  3. Foot Revival: Your feet carry you through life’s journey, and they deserve the best care. HarmonyTouch transforms foot massage into a revitalizing experience. Its contours are designed to target pressure points, releasing tension and promoting relaxation for your tired feet.
  4. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Convenience: Inspired by the wisdom of gua sha, HarmonyTouch brings this ancient practice to the modern world. Enjoy the benefits of traditional healing in the comfort of your own space, whenever you need a moment of self-care.
  5. A Symphony of Wellness: HarmonyTouch isn’t just a tool; it’s a symphony of wellness for your face and feet. With each stroke, you’re inviting harmony into your body, restoring balance, and nurturing a sense of well-being that resonates throughout.

Measures 12cm long x 3cm wide and 1/2cm thick

Additional information

Stone Type

Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz


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Facial and Foot Gua Sha Fusion – Harmony Touch
AU$ 40.00AU$ 45.00
(Approx. US$ 25.75 - US$ 28.95)