Platinum Mentoring Package

AU$ 4,999.00

(Approx. US$ 3,325.70)


It’s finally here! I’m super excited to share with you my BRAND NEW Stone Eagle FREEDOM Packages, the Business Mentoring you’ve been asking for!

So many students who’ve taken my online or in-person courses and workshops have reached out to me over the years, asking for further support in how to use their new skills (and passion for Hot Stone therapies) to grow their business.

I’ve worked as beauty therapist and Remedial Massage Therapist for almost 30 years, have studied and worked across Australia and the USA, owned my own business (therapy and retail / wholesale) and managed teams as well. Over the last 17 years, I’ve built a solid brand with a great reputation and Stone Eagle is now certified through IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapies) as a Premier Training Provider which means you get to learn from an internationally recognised therapist and business owner (that’s me!).

I’ve seen the face of therapy and massage businesses change dramatically and take pride in the fact that I’ve not only kept up, but I’ve built thriving businesses that are ahead of the game and inspired a generation of Hot Stone Therapists in the meantime (that’s you!).

I see you out there, with amazing empathy for your clients and a passion for delivering amazing treatments for your clients. But you are exhausted. It’s a grind.

You can be the most incredible therapist, but if your business and marketing aren’t working for you, it’s never going to be sustainable nor will it grow to support your goals in the way you want them to.

The FREEDOM Solution

The Stone Eagle FREEDOM Packages are 1:1 Business Mentoring sessions designed specifically for you as a therapist.

You get personalised mentoring with me for 3-6 months, where we prioritise your business projects, plan for sustainable improvements PLUS you get to pick my brains about whatever you need most help with NOW!

If you choose the gold or platinum level package, you also get a set of stones (or 2), a hot stone heater and access to my online courses for a whole year!

During our 1:1 online sessions together, we’ll get you organised and efficient with:

  • Social Media
  • Time Management
  • Best Practices
  • Self Care
  • Customer Service
  • Email marketing
  • Legals and Insurance (you also get 40% discount through my affiliation)
  • General business admin and tools
  • Oh and Hot Stone Training too.
  • ++++ so much more (just tell me what you need)!

The beauty of these packages is that YOU get to choose which level is best suited to where you’re at right now – if you’re not sure, let’s book a chat and work it out together!i


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Platinum Mentoring Package
AU$ 4,999.00
(Approx. US$ 3,325.70)